Call for JFC2 and C2JF

ISSRE “Journal First / Conference Second (J1C2)” and “Conference First / Journal Second (C1J2)” Schemes for Journal Publication Opportunities

ISSRE encourages presentation of already published IST journal papers during the conference. ISSRE also offers opportunities to recommend ISSRE best papers for inclusion in IST Journal. These schemes are as follows.


J1/C2 – Journal First, Conference Second

ISSRE 2019 will continue running the “Journal First Conference Second” track that seeks to include journal papers in the ISSRE 2019 program. Authors of IST-published papers will be invited to send a proposal to present their work at ISSRE 2019. Specifically, a published work in the IST journal during 2018, or even accepted during 2018 but not yet published, may be submitted to and presented at ISSRE.  Note that the submitted J1C2 paper shall not be a former workshop or conference paper. Via this scheme authors have the possibility to present their work to a wider audience in person, discuss, network with peers, and drive renewed interest to their work. The process is as follows: the author proposes a paper as a full-text manuscript submission to ISSRE; the paper is then lightly reviewed for suitability, scope, technical content and merit by the PC Chairs; finally, the PC Chairs notify the author about their decision. The author then registers the paper and presents it during the conference at the time identified in the program.

A maximum of three papers will be accepted within this scheme.

JFC2 paper submission deadline: May 5th, 2019

To submit a J1C2 paper, send an e-mail to: Barbara Gallina,,  Michel Cukier,


C1/J2 – Conference First, Journal Second

Chairs together with the steering committee may offer the authors of the ISSRE accepted papers, ranked as best papers candidates during the best-paper selection process, opportunity for publication in the IST journal. This requires authors to extend their papers. It is in general expected that the extension should have about 30% new contribution, and not just more text. The extension should be explained in the paper in relation to the conference paper (and the conference paper should be referred to in the paper). Please also note that the extended article should have a different title than the conference paper.

In this C1J2 Scheme, ISSRE PC-Chairs initiate the process to offer the paper(s), together with their ISSRE reviews, for publication in the IST journal to the journal editor-in-chief (EIC). EICs may or may not use our reviews at their discretion, but may instead prefer to rely solely on their own reviewer communities.

A maximum of three papers will be accepted within this scheme to be included within a special section within the IST-Journal.


Tentative Submission Deadlines

January 15, 2020: submission deadline

February 15, 2020: first review round

March 1, 2020: notification to authors

April 1, 2020: submission of revised versions

May 5, 2020: second review round

June 5, 2020: final decision