Recommendations for Influential Papers - Celebrating the 30 years of ISSRE

Dear ISSRE Community,


As you probably know, this year we will have the 30th edition of the International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE), which will take place in Berlin, Germany, October 28-31. The first edition took place in Washington, DC, USA, in 1990.

We are preparing some initiatives to celebrate this very important anniversary. One of those initiative is the celebration of "ISSRE Influential Papers".

We are looking for recommendations for ISSRE papers that had a great influence and impact in the community. The goal is not to award any kind of prize or award, but to remember those papers and their authors, which, in practice, tell a good part of the story of our conference.

Abstracts of the final set of selected papers selected will be included in a booklet to be (potentially) distributed during the conference and made available online. Other initiatives focused in the ISSRE most influential papers are also being prepared.

You are invited to recommend ISSRE papers by accessing the following:

The process is very simple: just identify the paper (or papers) and provide a sentence why you consider it to have a great influence in the community.


Best regards,
Marco Vieira
Domenico Cotroneo
Karama Kanoun
Mladen Vouk