Accepted Industry papers

Session 1: Best Industry Papers (Wed Oct 30, 9:00-10:30, Session Chair: Rakshith Amarnath)

Applying Modified Code Entity-Based Regression Test Selection for Manual End-to-End Testing of Commercial Web Applications 
Takao Nakagawa, Kazuki Munakata and Koji Yamamoto

Concurrency defect localization in embedded systems using static code analysis: an evaluation
Bjarne Johansson, Alessandro Papadopoulos and Thomas Nolte

Adapting SQuaRE for Quality Assessment of Artificial Intelligence System. 
Hiroshi Kuwajima and Fuyuki Ishikawa.


Session 2: Highly-Available Systems (Tue Oct 29, 13:30-15:30, Session Chair: Tukaram B Muske)

Towards Rust for Critical Systems 
Andre Pinho, Luis Couto and Jose Oliveira

Dependency Graph based Failure Analysis for Private Clouds  
Nathan Riopelle, Aniket Malatpure, Swapnil Ashtekar and V Raman

Engineering and Hardening of Functional Fail- Operational Architectures for Highly Automated Driving [Best disruptive paper candidate]
Rasmus Adler, Akram Mohammed Naveed, Patrik Feth, Takeshi Fukuda, Tasuku Ishigooka, Satoshi Otsuka, Daniel Schneider and Kentaro Yoshimura

Go-Sanitizer: Bug-Oriented Assertion Generation for Golang 
Cong Wang, Hao Sun, Yiwen Xu, Yu Jiang, Huafeng Zhang and Ming Gu


Session 3: Anomaly Detection (Tue Oct 29, 16:00-18:00, Session Chair: Philipp Goettlich)

Learning from Time Series with Outlier Correction for Malicious Domain Identification 
Guolin Tan, Peng Zhang, Qingyun Liu, Xinran Liu and Chunge Zhu

Detecting and Diagnosing Anomalous Behavior in Large Systems with Change Detection Algorithms 
Veena Mendiratta, Zhuoran Liu, Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee and Yu Zhou

Coordinated Analysis of Heterogeneous Monitor Data in Enterprise Clouds for Incident Response
Uttam Thakore, Harigovind Ramasamy and William Sanders.

Triforce QNX Syscall Fuzzer [Best disruptive paper candidate]
Pallavi Pandey, Anupam Sarkar and Ansuman Banerjee


Session 4: Software Reliability and Quality (Thu Oct 31, 13:30-15:30, Session Chair: Uttam Thakore)

DC-SRGM: Deep Cross-Project Software Reliability Growth Model 
Kyawt San Kyawt, Hironori Washizaki, Yoshiaki Fukazawa, Kiyoshi Honda, Masahiro Taga and Akira Matsuzaki

Functionality and Safety Weaknesses in Integration of Physics-Based Models on Critical Embedded Systems 
Philipp Goettlich and Hans-Christian Reuss

Building Resource Adaptations via Test-Based Software Minimization: Application, Challenges, and Opportunities  [Best disruptive paper candidate]
Arpit Christi, Alex Groce and Austin Wellman

Advances in Artefact Quality Analysis for Safety-Critical Systems  
Eugenio Parra, Luis Alonso, Roy Mendieta and Jose Luis de la Vara